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The following courses are offered summer 2024 in Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media. Advisors are ready to assist you with choosing the most appropriate class for you. If you have specific questions about course content, please contact Sarah Stolar, Department Chair -, or the instructor for the course directly. Faculty bios and emails can be found here.

Contact an advisor directly at (575) 737-3698 or click HERE to register.

Under certain circumstances, prerequisites may be waived. You must contact an advisor directly to facilitate this request.


SUMMER 2024 

The 2024 summer session runs June 3rd through July 27th

Introduction to Photography - ARTS 1410
w/ Jaime Knight
Face to Face Plus - Mondays and Wednesdays, 9-2:30pm Fridays + online, asynchronous



This course introduces the making of photographic images from a broad viewpoint to consider both as an art practice and as a cultural practice. The course covers basic technical information in camera use and functionality, composition, and visual design, digital workflow, editing, manipulating, and enhancing images correctly and effectively. 


Demonstrations, artist talks, assignments, and critiques will give students the beginning tools for creative exploration and expression in the medium of photography. Course content is created to get students thinking about the meaning of photographic images in history, culture, and in their own experiences. Students will gain the skills and knowledge to demonstrate visual voice through photography and competency in basic camera functions and composition.


Meets New Mexico General Education Curriculum Area 7: Arts and Design.




Introduction to Digital Media Editing - Photoshop - ARTS 1410
w/ Adrian Pijoan
Online, asynchronous 


This course introduces the principles of Raku firing, post firing, and alternative firing techniques and the process of making simple Raku glazes. At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to understand the properties of Raku clays, and glazes, and the effect of secondary reduction firing; compare traditional Raku to contemporary Raku; create work demonstrating proficiency in the handbuilding and, or throwing techniques used in Raku; understand the function, care, and safe usage of studio equipment used in the production of Raku; and evaluate the aesthetic and, or functional value particular to Raku ceramics.




Introduction to Art - ARTH 1120
w/ Paula King
Online, asynchronous 


This foundation course introduces and explores the visual arts on a personal, societal, cultural, and historical level. An excellent course for someone new to the study of art or the experienced artist, students learn about all art-making processes, art materials, and techniques used by artists, designers, and architects. Studies feature iconic artists throughout history and major art movements. Students will build on a broad knowledge base to practice the skill of formal analysis, in order to expand an art appreciation and grow a personal aesthetic. The course offers a creative project using basic photography.


Canvas Online Course. This course is completed 100% online, therefore access to a computer and the internet are required. Designed with Quality Matters Standards, ARTH 1120 provides an excellent learning experience and offers flexibility for busy students. Support with the technology of the course is provided on campus, by email, and by phone by the HELP support staff of UNM. Pacing may be accelerated for early completion.


Inclusive Access for this course: This course has been set up for inclusive access delivery, this means your materials will be accessible through UNM Learn when classes begin. You do not need to shop for the ‘title of the book’ ahead of time. You do not need to pay by credit card or any other method, you should not see a prompt for payment at all when using the inclusive access materials. Your specially discounted price will be billed to your UNM Bursar Account AFTER the add/drop deadline. Additionally, McGraw-Hill Connect Access will be required (includes ebook, Smartbook, course learning activities, and exams).


Meets New Mexico General Education Curriculum Area 7: Arts and Design




Adventure Filmmaking - FDMA 2171
w/ Peter Walker
Face-to-Face 10-day intensive

Instructor permission required.


Introduction to the technical skills of Adventure Filmmaking. This 10-day intensive course will give students an opportunity to use cutting edge camera gear in outdoor settings while working as a team to tell exiting stories and stay safe. 

adv film
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