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The University of New Mexico-Taos is pleased to present Howl: The Voice of UNM-Taos 2022 Art & Literary Journal. Last year, for the first time, Howl transitioned to a digital catalogue opening the opportunity for greater inclusion and the presentation of film and video. With over 50 individuals featured, it was clear that this new format was embraced by the community. This year, we are thrilled to present 75 artists, writers, and filmmakers as well as Fine Arts and Digital Media faculty and an art project from the UNM-Taos Kids Campus. The participants featured include students from UNM campuses across New Mexico as well as alumni, staff, faculty, and members of the greater community of Taos. 

Regardless of age or training level, the works exhibited in this book reflect the nature of humanity in the 21st century. Common themes include gender politics, race, environmental impact, the pandemic, and autobiographical narratives. Stories and poems in Spanish and English compliment vulnerable artworks that investigate personal identity. There is work about friendship, love, loss, grief, and community connection. There is pride in the beauty of this vast landscape and insight into the diversity of New Mexico culture through photography, short video interviews, and descriptive stories. Indigenous art, functional ceramics, traditional drawing and painting, installation, digital media, documentary and experimental films, and children’s art hold the same space and demonstrate how art has the power to bring people together. The accumulating feeling is one of boundless creativity and an unapologetic sense of self. 

The expansiveness of this anthology is impressive and awe-inspiring. It is a blazing reminder that Taos is a small town with a big voice. In 2022, Howl is a true embodiment of its name. 


              - Sarah Stolar, Chair of the Department of Fine Arts & Digital Media

Howl 2022 Artists, Filmmakers, & Writers

Abigail Parmely

Alex Simeti

Alma Ortega

Alma Quillian

Alyssa Vivian

Anna McConnell

Bayan Khwais

Beth Enson

Bren Price

Brook Maher

Caitlyn Martins

Caroline Yezer

Charlotte Shroyer, Ph.D

Chris Flanagan

Christina Norton

Cindy Brown

Crucito Concha

Damian Uribe

Daniel Tredwin

Daniela Cervantes

Danielle Staveley

Dave Wasserman

David Mapes

Domiana Vigil

Dominic Fraire

Eric Kienzle

Ethan Rushing

Fatima Pamela Rigsby

Feliz Mondragon

Frankie Chamberlain

Giovani Gutierrez Madrid

Grace Fichtelberg

Haven Lindsey

Heather Bergerson

Heather Lynn Sparrow

Jaclyn Armijo

Jana Greiner

Jay Econom

Jennifer Blake

Joan Eichelberger

John Grassmick

John S. Whitman

Joseph Fitzgerald

Julia Salmons

Kathryn Hayden
Kayl Rainer

Kenyon Olsen

Lake Albrecht

Laurel Taylor

Linda M. Velarde

Marisol Duran

Mary Pencin

Maximillian Knyazev-Julinski

Meredith Kemp

Merle Derse

Michael (Spud) Rollheiser


Nathan Oswald

Peter Schwathe

Price Valentine 

Rafa Tarín

Ria Burnett

Sabine Core

Sally Savage

Sarah Parker

Savannah Summers

Seana Coats

Stephanie Moller

Teresa Lara

Thomas Allen

Timothy Pilgrim

Victoria Chavez

Yvonne Pesquera

Zoe Mangum

Fine Arts & Digital Media Faculty

Sarah Stolar

Peter Walker

Gary Cook

Dave Mansfield

Johanna Case-Hofmeister

Kelly Clement

Lee Akins

Paula King

Special Projects

UNM-Taos Kids Campus

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