The Atrium Gallery is the central hub of Fine Arts and Digital Media. The highly active, and sometimes impromptu work space, provides an atmosphere that promotes inspiration and community. The Atrium Gallery hosts several professional artists a year as well as provide numerous opportunities for students work with these artists as well as exhibit their own work. Students are given full support when requesting space to work in large-scale, directly on the walls, and installation-based work. The communal environment brings students to the space daily to gather, share food, and critique work. 

The Atrium Gallery is open Monday-Friday from 9-5pm.
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Heather Lynn Sparrow: The Dark is Light

November 14 to December 9, 2022


The Dark is Light is Heather Lynn Sparrow’s first solo exhibition — a long overdue presentation as she has been a fixture in the professional local art scene for 27 years. Suicide is the primary killer of teen youth in the US, and this exhibition of large-scale photographs and other works addresses this pandemic with ethereal and approachable imagery. The Dark is Light is a series of photographic portraits made in collaboration with teens grieving the suicide of their friend and Sparrow’s son Trempealeau Hagios Morninglight.


Heather Lynn Sparrow uses photography as a ritual for grieving and healing. She has focused on documenting her family and, as  her children grew, darker experiences unfolded. Photography became the cathartic means and most elegant way to describe something that is deeply disquieting. Amplifying the voices of Taos Youth, Heather uses photography to expose and resolve problems. By respecting young adults and addressing topics that our culture has failed to prepare them for, Heather’s photography creates a space of shared learning, allowing for personal growth, and by extension, social change.  


She developed and taught a Literacy Through Photography program in Taos Public Schools for 25 years. While at Taos Academy for 8 years, she taught Dual Credit and Wheatpaste workshops at UNM-Taos. Sparrow created the BIG PICTURE TAOS & designed, photographed, produced videos & promoted seven local musician's albums, winning the  New Mexico music award for best Album design in 2012. Sparrow has featured images in a number of publications, including, Taos News, Mothering Magizine, La Pocha Nostra’s A Handbook for the Rebel Artist, SOMMOS CHOKECHERRIES, and 3AM, and was nominated for the CENTER excellence in Teaching award 2022. Heather has an AFA from UNM-Taos and is graduating with a BFA w/ Honors Thesis at UNM-Abugqureqe this year. As the current Director of Photography of True Kids 1, her mission is to provide the impetus to amplify the voices of Taos Youth, create jobs for at risk youth and make explicit connections to how photo rituals can work both artistically and cathartically.

The UNM-Taos Fine Arts and Digital Media welcomes proposals for exhibitions. Please refer to the gallery policies and email a synopsis and 5-10 jpegs of artwork to with the subject line - Atrium Gallery Proposal. The Gallery Director will contact you if your proposal is a good fit for our programming. Please do not send follow up emails. 

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