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The University of New Mexico-Taos is pleased to present Howl: The Voice of UNM-Taos 2023 Art & Literary Journal. In its third year as a digital publication, Howl continues to use this format to uphold greater inclusion and representation of Taos creatives. The 2023 edition presents 60 artists, writers, and filmmakers as well as Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media faculty and special projects by the Early Childhood Education Department and the Chicana and Chicano Studies Department. The diverse array of participants includes students from UNM-Taos, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the greater community of Taos. This is also the first year Howl is prominently featuring a local professional artist. For this inaugural chapter, Howl presents Anita Rodriguez. 


The work in the 2023 edition of Howl encompasses a range of expression, all seeming to address the nature of humanity post-pandemic. Regardless of medium, all of the contributions are imbued with a celebration of life and a touch of humor, even works that directly address personal and collective grief. The writers take ownership of their authentic voices and allow the readers a window into their most vulnerable states. Drawings, paintings, photography, and prints move between fervent abstraction, traditional figuration, awe-inspiring landscapes and night skies, intimate settings, and emotional portraits, with many artists exploring large-scale installations, mixed-media, and digital processes. The filmmakers and video artists present dynamic music videos, hybrid animations, and inspirational content. Ceramic artists exhibit masterly skills in sculpture and hand-built and wheel thrown functional objects, many of which are highly adorned with abstract carving and representational imagery. The reopening of the metals program has brought forth a resurgence in metalwork and jewelry, all meticulously crafted in fine metals and stones. 


However the creatives in this book have chosen to express themselves, it is clear that they all embody fiery passion and resilience. They show us their desire to carry on traditions, pride in their cultures, reverence for their land, and their true unapologetic selves.


              - Sarah Stolar, Chair of the Department of Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media

Howl 2023 Artists, Featured Artist

Anita Rodriguez

Howl 2023 Artists, Filmmakers, & Writers

Alex (ARGOT) Simeti

Allegra Sleep

Alma Quillian

Amani Khweis

Amelia Martinez

Anna Bush Crews

Anne Delling

Benjamin Kalish

C. Brandenburg

Caroline Yezer

Catherine Langley

Charlotte Shroyer

Cindy Brown

Congthanh Nguyen

Crucito Concha

Daniel Tredwin

Darien Isaacs

Dashel Fullerton

David Mapes

Devon Hoffman

Don Wallis

Enrico Trujillo

Erica Parraz

Hollie Salazar

Hunter Tripp

Inna Vologzhanina

Jana Greiner

Jessica Phillips

Joan Malone

John Bowden

Katy Ballard

Laura Hahn

Laurel Sardiñas

Leah Abeyta

Leela Blakeley

Liam Hughes

Lien Sardinas

Lucas Burditt

Maggie Duval

Marah Moore

Maura Rae

Merle Derse

MJ Houston


Paul Wapner

Paulina Ho

Peter Schwathe

Phillip Alldritt

Robin Ricks

Rocco Siegele

Sarah Parker

Scarlett Battle

Scott Gerdes

Selena Pacheco

Sierra Lindsey-Biscello

Susan Varon

Tera Muskrat

Tracy Bell

Travis Snyder

Triana Reid

Fine Arts & Digital Media Faculty

Sarah Stolar

Peter Walker

Gary Cook

Adrian Pijoan

Kelly Clement

Kimberly Thompson

Lee Akins

Paula King

Special Projects

The Early Childhood Education Program

The Chicana and Chicano Studies Department


Sarah Stolar

Kathleen Knoth

Leela Blakeley

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