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The Graphic Design program consists of hands-on studio training to prepare students for a career in Graphic Design. The program provides practical and conceptual experiences that provides the student with tools to enter the workforce in person and remotely. The Graphic Design Certificate program is committed to the planning and presentation of graphic ideas to be used in publications, advertising, broadcasting, and web-based media. The goal is to keep students current with evolving means of design expression and design tools. Students learn digital technologies that enable them to work in a wide range of media projections. In addition to small class sizes, the program allows students to explore their personal strengths and focus their interests. The state-of-the-art Macintosh Lab at UNM-Taos allows students to be at the forefront of today’s ever-changing technology. This certificate sets the foundation for a four-year degree in Graphic Design and focuses on Adobe content to prepare students for potential Adobe Certification.

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Graphic Design Core Requirements:

24 credits

ARTS 1220 - Art Practices I

ARTS 1610 - Drawing I

ARTS 2431 - Intro to Graphic Design 

ARTS 1520 - Digital Media I

ARTS 2010 - Portfolio Development

FDMA 1520 - Intro to Digital Media 

FDMA 2375 - Typography 

COMM 2245 - Web Design

Art History Requirements: 3 credits

(choose one)

ARTH 1220 - Intro to Art

ARTH 2120 - Art History II

Electives: 3 credits

choose 3 credits from ARTS, FDMA, or COMM

courses listed in the catalogue 


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