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The two-year, 31-34 credit-hour Film Technician Certificate offers specialized training in film industry preproduction, production and post production. This certificate is designed to develop hands-on skills through learning and experimentation with film industry equipment, and covers all aspects of filmmaking to better prepare students for employment in the film industry, including Set Production Assistant and other film crew positions. The certificate is transferable to the Bachelor of Art/Fine Art and Film and Digital Arts at the UNM-Albuquerque campus. View FDMA student work here.

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Film & Digital Media Core Requirements:

31 credits

FDMA 1550 - Intro to Digital Media 

FDMA 1210 - Digital Video Production I

FDMA 1520 - Post Production Editing

FDMA 2110 - Intro to Film Studies

FDMA 2286 - Activating Digital Space

FDMA 2520 - Intro to Cinematography 

FDMA 2525 - Video Production II 

FDMA 2610 - Directing I

FDMA 2998 - Internship

FDMA 2999 - Capstone

Electives: 3 credits

FDMA 1996 - Topics in FDMA 

FDMA 2996 - Topics in FDMA

FDMA 2280 - Topics in Videomaking

or other FDMA courses listed in the catalogue 


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