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The Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) is designed to support the development of professional studio artists, teachers, and students interested in obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Art. The AFA degree provides students with the lower level courses needed to enter and complete a Bachelor of Fine Art in the College of Fine Art at UNM-Albuquerque and other universities and art schools. Courses include a variety of studio disciplines, including art practices, drawing, graphic design, painting, sculpture, ceramics, metals, photography, electronic art, and printmaking, as well as art history courses taught online.


Fine Art Core Requirements:

27 credits

Art History Requirements: 6 credits

(choose two)

ARTH 2110 - History of Art I

ARTH 2120 - History of Art II

ARTH 2130 Modern Art

Art Studio Requirements: 12 credits

ARTS 1610 - Drawing I

ARTS 1220 - Art Practices I

ARTS 1230 - Art Practices II

FDMA 1515 - Into to Digital Media Editing - Photoshop

(or CT 110L - Adobe Photoshop)

(or DMA 165 - Photoshop)

Art Studio Courses: 9 credits

(choose 3; must meet prerequisites, if any)

ARTS 1410 - Intro to Photography

ARTS 1310 - Intro to Ceramics

ARTS 1320 - Ceramics I

ARTS 1630 - Painting I

ARTS 2630 - Painting II

ARTS 2610 - Drawing II

ARTS 1810 - Jewelry and Small Metal Construction I.

ARTS 1840 - Sculpture I

ARTS 1710 - Intro to Printmaking

ARTS 1510 - Introduction to Electronic Arts

ARTS 141   - Art & Ecology

ARTS 2431 - Intro to Graphic Design 

ARTS 1996 - Studio Topics 


First Year Experience: 3 credit hours

FYEX 1110 or additional ARTS course if not required


+ 31 hours of Gen Ed Core



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