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UNM-Taos Department of Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media inspires students to tap into their creative potential by learning practical techniques, exploring alternative methods in art making, and honing their critical eye. The Fine Arts and Film and Digital Media Arts programs are made up of a diverse group of students with a range of interests and approaches to creative practices. We embrace this diversity and support all students with their degree choice, future goals, and artistic intentions. Students taking courses in Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media discover how these creative fields positively impacts their personal and professional lives.


The UNM-Taos Department of Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media is committed to engaging students in a rich dialogue on contemporary art and art history, as well as equipping students with the training necessary to work in the art world and media industry. Students learn hands-on skills, traditional foundations, contemporary approaches, interdisciplinary practices, and conceptual problem solving. A core belief of the department is to help students understand the ever-changing nature of art, its impact on contemporary culture, and the discovery of their place in the global art community. 

UNM-Taos Department of Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media alumni have attended prestigious art schools, won national cash art prizes, placed artwork and films in major collections and film festivals, and gained employment in museums, galleries, the film industry

and art education.

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The Department of Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media is open to everyone who wants to explore their artistic practice, including non-degree seeking students. There are a variety of enrollment options, and UNM-Taos advisors and the Chair of Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media are ready to assist you. 


The Department offers an Associate of Fine Arts, an Associate of Arts in Film and Digital Media Arts, a Film Technician Certificate, and a Graphic Design Certificate. Fine Arts courses include a variety of studio disciplines, including art practices, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, metals, photography, and printmaking as well as art history. The FDMA program offers filmmaking, graphics, animation, and multimedia using digital tools in preparation for a career in media arts. Students are supported in following their personal goals beyond community college including pursuing degrees or working within the art community of Taos and beyond. 


In addition to art studio, film and media, and art history courses, the Department also provides students with a variety of resources including professional development workshops, open figure drawing, internships, work/study employment, scholarships, and studio space for select classes. The Atrium Gallery provides opportunities for students to exhibit work, curate shows, and work directly with professional artists.

Most importantly, the faculty of the Department of Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media supports your personal expression.
Regardless your artistic path, the Fine Arts, Film and Digital Media Art programs encourage you to find your own authentic creative voice!
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