Ritual and Remembrance 

January 21st - February 6th

Opening- January 23rd @ 5-7pm with video installation and a live performance

Nikesha Breeze is an American born African Diaspora Artist. She is a descendent of the Mende People of Sierra Leone and Assyrian Refugees. Her work is interdisciplinary and multi faceted. As a primarily self-taught artist with minimal schooling in the Fine Arts, her work is intuitive, spiritual, ritual, and focused. Her work centers around paths of reclamation of the black body and the human soul. She has received great success in her short time working in the visual arts, and has completed a sold-out Solo Museum show of: Within This Skin, and has been awarded National recognition and the 3D Juried Grand Prize Award as well as the Contemporary Black Arts Award, for her Sculptural installation: 108 Death Masks: A communal Prayer for Peace and Justice, at the 2018 International ARTPRIZE exhibition.

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Borders and Bounty; A Retrospective of Drawing

February 13th - March 12th

Opening- February 13th @ 5-7pm

Vargas exhibits a heartfelt community driven art installation. The installation most prominently illustrates the portraits of migrant children that have died in the detention camps this past year. The larger than life portraits hang on paper tapestries that envelope the viewer, depicting doves and flowers that glisten with highlights of gold and silver. The juxtaposition of fine art rendering with student prose and abstract edges gives the installation a raw and honest quality. Over fifty students contributed to the art installation, some painting for the first time, but inspired by the and meaning of the artwork.

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Love Letters & MetaMemories

August 19th - September 19th, 2019

Opening- August 23nd, 4-7pm with live music and projection art @ 5:30


Her first solo show, Natalina, explores concepts of connection to self, others and the Earth through ceramic sculpture, paintings, old and new technology as well as a multitude of reimagined waste. An advocate for women and the environment, her work favors female forms and regularly employs discarded elements. Love Letters and MetaMemories tells a story common to the collective experience. A graduate of Purdue University, Natalina is currently enrolled in continuing education classes at UNM-Taos. This dynamic installation is her contribution to the transformation she envisions for the world- Alchemic UpCycling.

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Murals by Jenny Roesel Ustick

September 23rd - October 25th


Jenny Roesel Ustick is Interim Director, MFA Program, Foundations Coordinator, and Assistant Professor of Practice at the School of Art, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. She manages large-scale public murals, with eleven walls in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky; she has also worked on projects in Miami Beach, Florida, the Villa Crespo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in Granati, Italy.

Amy Cordova y Boone

October 28th - November 20th

Córdova is a nationally recognized children’s’ book illustrator and acclaimed arts educator and lecturer. Córdova has made numerous keynote speeches as well as art with thousands of children and adults throughout the U.S. A descendant of a family who has resided in Northern New Mexico preceding the seventeenth century, Córdova holds great reverence for New Mexico’s landscape, history, cultures and traditions. Brilliant color, dreams, the natural world, and the wisdom of children contribute to Córdova’s inspirational, artistic vision.

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